Saturday, June 16, 2012

Prayer Path is Now Open-- Come Pray about Fruitfulness

As discussed earlier, we want to add a new crop this year--enriched prayer lives. 

To that end, we now have a prayer path in the garden. It is a set of 12 stations within the garden that highlight prayer topics related to the theme of fruitfulness.  Each station identifies a number of scripture passages addressing the topic, to help prompt prayers.  The topics are:

God's desire that we each be fruitful

God as the source of fruitfulness

How to connect to God's fruitfulness

The role of patience in fruitfulness

How being compacted--rigid--hinders our fruitfulness

How distractions hinder our fruitfulness

What fruitfulness can look like

Feeding the hungry as a way to bear fruit & ways to do that

Clothing the naked as a way to bear fruit & ways to do that

Welcoming strangers as a way to bear fruit & ways to do that

Ministering to the sick and incarcerated as a way to bear fruit & ways to to that

Praying for those fed by the garden 

The stations are arranged in the pattern of a cross, with the black squares showing where the stations are:

Bibles are in the bin under the bench at the top of the garden (the east side, by the hill). 

Come on in, God is eager to talk with you.

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