Monday, August 20, 2012

Mustard seeds, fishes, & loaves in Hilliard

We've had a productive couple of weeks since the last report.  God gave us 1,179 more Lbs. of produce, bringing us to 8,160.2 Lbs. so far this year. We’re now more than 2/3 of the way to our goal of 12,000 Lbs. for this year. Details below.

On a broader and more important level, that brings us to a over 30,000 Lbs. since Paul & Kelly Hern stepped out in faith to start this garden. 

Think how many folks have been fed because Paul & Kelly had the courage & energy to get it going—it must literally be thousands! That is a real life, right here, right now, example of the dynamic Jesus told us about in Matthew 13:31-32 and demonstrated in Matthew 14:15-21 and Matthew 15:32-39.  

Finally, I want to put flesh on the bones of  one of the notations on the distribution chart below.  The "Hilliard Hunger" slice represents crops that went to the various hunger relief ministries serving Hilliard.  The overwhelming majority of those crops went to—and were harvested & distributed by—the youth ministry Irma Chong leads at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. They have worked very hard in coming out to harvest on a regular basis. And even more impressively, they have come up with new ways to get those crops to the hungry in Hilliard that simply didn't exist before.  That too is an example of the dynamic we see in Matthew 13:31-32 , Matthew 14:15-21 , and Matthew 15:32-39 and it too is happening right here and right now.


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