Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gardening at Christmas: prayers for friends in the southern hemisphere

We can’t grow much food for the hungry this time of year (although we still have kale in the ground), but we can help others who are doing that right now—through prayer.

The North Ringwood Uniting Church in Melbourne, Australia, has a garden ministry with the same mission as ours—growing produce for the hungry. Its summer down there now, and they are in the midst of gardening  season. They have asked for prayer about the following:

“For a continued good harvest  (the next few months are busy picking time from our spring planting)

For rain during the hot summer months  (we have a huge tank and irrigation system but on really hot days extra hand watering is needed).

For workers time and energy to attend to the garden during the holiday season and heat of summer.

That our vegetables are well received by our clients at North Ringwood Card and taken home, prepared and eaten.  (Some of our clients and not educated well into the importance of consuming fresh vegetables.)

That our clients feel the love of God through our volunteers at North Ringwood Uniting Church, when they come for their food assistance.

For our intellectually disabled young men who attend the Welcome Garden Centre.   That their work in the garden will be helpful to them and that they will grow to know the nurture and love of God through us."  

Let's lift them up every day!

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