Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Crop Mostly In!

Thanks to lot of hard work by a lot of folks we have our spring crop mostly in.  So far we’ve planted:

Greens               Southern Giant Curled                  3 Beds
                           Tendergreen                                   4 Beds
                           Garnet Giant                                   1 Beds

Kale                   Red Russian                                     1 Bed
                           Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch             2 Beds

Turnips              Hakurei F1                                      1 Bed
                           Purple Top White Globe                1.5 Beds

Arugula              Astro                                                3 Beds

Spinach             Corvair                                            1 Bed
                           Tyee                                                 1 Bed
                           Bloomsdale Long Standing           2 Beds

Beets                  Early Wonder Tall Top                8 beds

Please pray for rain!

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