Thursday, September 26, 2013

God Continues to Bless--the Latest Numbers

As of last night God has given us 10,101 Lbs. of fresh produce, including more than 2 tons of tomatoes alone! We are more or less on pace with last year, and have more crops in the ground now than we did this time last year. Here are the latest production and distribution charts:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Praying About Rain

Last Wednesday evening we planted mustard green seeds in the bare patches of our beet beds. We weren’t able to water them in then because our irrigation system was down, but Thursday morning we were blessed with a nice rain.

I was really happy to see the rain, and started to pray. At that time my prayer was about the interaction of the rain & the seeds, but later in day I thought about how those same prayers apply to our gardening group  and each individual in it. The original prayer is in regular type & the later applications to the group/individuals  are in italics.

Father, please direct this rain to where it will do the most good,  whether that is to the newly planted seeds or the existing plants.

Father, please help us by your Holy Spirit to direct all the resources you provide to the places where they can do the most good. Help us to see how—in our garden and in our individual lives—how we can best use the time, talents, knowledge, social, and material resources you give us to bear the most & best fruit possible.

Please use this rain to melt the hard outer shell of the seeds so they can start to germinate & growing.

Please use your Holy Spirit to melt the patterns, practices & perceptions that hold back the fruitfulness you placed in us as a group and as individuals. Dissolve, soak through, wash them away so we can grow into what you designed us to be.

Please use this rain to release the energy stored within each seed and to bring each to its fullest potential.

Please help us to respond to, absorb, be energized and transformed by your Holy Spirit so we can fully activate the good things you have placed within us and take them to their fullest potential.