Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fruit From Weeds: Insight 9

Even weeds can be redeemed

Last, but by no means least, our glut of weeds provided a lot of compostable material.  Those weeds, combined with the coffee grounds and yard waste, gave us 6 or 8 yards of good compost.

Those were all things society had no use for. In a word, they were garbage. But God’s perfect wisdom, working through far from perfect gardeners, turned them into a rich resource that will help feed many, many, folks.

We shouldn’t be surprised by that—God has a long history of changing what no one else values into great blessings. Think about the Hebrews; God turned a small, and highly dysfunctional, family into a people that gave us our Savior and key values of Western Civilization. Deuteronomy 7:6-8.  Think about Joseph and David.  They were the least thought of members of their families, but God used both powerfully to bless thousands in their times and billions over the years.  He still does that every time he turns one of us sinners into a saint.  1 Corinthians 1:28 puts it well, God chooses the “lowly things of this world and the despised things” to deliver His love.

Fruit From Weeds: Insight 8

It’s easier to weed well tended soil & it gets easier to pull weeds once you've pulled adjacent weeds

We learned two other things while weeding. First, it’s easer to weed good soil. We only had enough compost in the spring to cover part of our beds, and the weeds came out of the composted beds much easier than the others. Second, we found that individual weeds were easier to pull after immediately adjacent weeds had been removed. That’s probably because the soil around the second weed was loosed to some extent by pulling the first weed.

Those dynamics are consistent with life in general. Tasks tend to get easier once we’ve made some initial effort toward their accomplishment.

Those dynamics are also consistent with Scripture. Proverbs 10:4 and Proverbs 21:5 tell us that diligence tends to make things go well. Matthew 25:14-29 likewise teaches us that God blesses those who are active in trying to do His work.

My point here is not to pat myself on the back  (to the contrary, we wouldn’t have had weed problems in the first place if I had done things right), but to highlight another example of the truth of God’s word being illustrated by real life. We just have to keep our eyes open to see them.