Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Another Insight from Composting:
Another thing that struck me about our most recent batch of compost was how its ingredients had been transformed. They started out as leaves, weeds, plant stalks, grass clippings, coffee grounds, and filters, but you can barely identify any of them now. Those inputs have been almost totally transformed into something different—and far more fruitful.

We see that same dynamic in people who yield themselves to God. Three of the most dramatic examples are Moses, Gideon, and Paul. Moses and Gideon started out hesitant and unsure, but turned into great leaders once they surrendered themselves to God’s call. Paul was a proud, purposeful, persecutor of the early church, but turned into one of its most effective evangelists. Once he surrendered to God. They are prime examples of what Jesus was describing when He talked about truly gaining our lives—being transformed into great sources of blessing—by surrendering to God.

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