Saturday, February 22, 2014

God Really Blessed Us This Week

God really blessed us this week:

-      On Sunday we received an e-mail from our friends at the Welcome Garden in Melbourne Australia. We established a Mutual Prayer Support relationship with them in late 2012. We hadn’t been in communication with them for quite a while so it was really good to hear from them.  I responded by asking for prayers that we step up our composting this year.

-       On Tuesday most of our seeds for the year came in.

-       On Wednesday we secured the use of a chipper/shredder. The lack of a chipper shredder has been a real obstacle to effectively composting the significant amount of material available to us, so this should REALLY help us improve our composting.

-       On Thursday we were contacted by a person that can provide us with a lot of clean horse manure right now and a steady supply going forward. That too will help with our composting. This is something we had been wanting for a long time.

-       Today it was nice enough to have a work session in the garden, first since November.  That itself was a gift from God. We got to spend some time together and did so in February. Who would of thought that would happen given the hard winter we’ve had. We got coffee grounds spread out on 4 beds and removed the filters, a job that turned out to be much easier than anticipated. See the pictures below.

-       We got the straw, leaves, and used coffee filters that had been spread out in different parts of the garden collected by the compost bin.   It turns out that we a great supply of "browns" for composting, something I had been thinking would be a serious challenge to our stepping up our composting.

Each of those things are great in of themselves, and we are very grateful for them, but there is even more to be thankful for when we consider how they unfolded. We asked for prayer supporting our composting on Sunday, and by the end of the week two major obstacles to ramping up our composting (chipper shredder & browns) were eliminated. And on top of that we were given a long desired source of manure, something that will also help with composting. Is God great or what? 

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