Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What We Can Learn About Service From a Wheelbarrow
Part 1

Suppose you wanted to distribute compost around your garden. You want to get that very good, life improving, stuff from your bin to the beds. How would you do that? Likely with wheelbarrow.

OK, how would that go if the wheelbarrow stayed like this?

Not well. The wheelbarrow is not correctly oriented to distribute the good stuff you want to distribute. That’s what we probably look like to God when He wants to use us to deliver His blessings, but we refuse to cooperate.

All right, how about a wheelbarrow that looks like this?

That’s better than the first wheelbarrow, but still not as helpful as it could be. The trash takes up space where compost could go, and would make it difficult to shovel all the compost out. That’s what we are like when we make ourselves available to serve, but have unrepented sin in our lives.

What about this wheelbarrow?

That’s what we want. Its properly oriented, and completely available to carry the load. That’s what God wants to see in us

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